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Nick Parry also known as the Conflict doctor is a proven international expert in all issues related to building and maintaining international relationships and leading international teams. Born in London he has travelled extensively. Living in a Moshav in Israel with Native American Indians in Tippis and Egyptian Bedouins in the Desert he studied how they communicated and lived together, and helped them to gain more acceptance from the wider community, for example the Kurdish farmer and the Turkish landowner in Turkey, the Palestinian restaurant owner and the orthodox Jew in Jerusalem or the Croatian lawyer and the Serbian artist in Israel. The Huffington Post named him a New Global leader, he shares his wisdom and insight with hosts of business leaders, teams and individuals as a life and intercultural coach, and seminar leader. As CEO of LanguageUnites, an intercultural communication institute he successfully leads a team of intercultural trainers.


Presentation style

Nick is entertaining, inspiring and informative. His keynotes inspire business owners around the world to develop interdisciplinary projects which allow them to reap the true benefits of running diverse teams and rolling out projects globally. His energetic style motivates his audience to interact and personalise his message of one world but many perspectives.


Examples of speeches:

Recent video of his speeches in Germany


Happy Customers

Success stories



„Conflicts Made Easy“

How to manage conflicts and see them as a signpost of the change that is waiting to happen

“The Relationship Game”

Improve your relationships so you can go on to have more joy with your life partner, avoid disputes at work have a better relationship with your boss or simply be a better team leader or manager.

“The International Project leaders Toolkit”

Transform your international team into a profit creating, highly effective driving forces of change in your organization