Success Stories

Renée Moore, Ph.D.


Owner, Business Beyond Borders

“I can highly recommend Nick for business ownersand executives. He will save you many sleepless nights, lost productivity and profitability, and show YOU how to be the WINNER."

Boris Spieker


"I met Nick while I was working as a senior project manager and executive partner of the Business Performance Academy. We ran organizational and leadership training for leading companies in Germany. Although I was very successful in the area of work I was doing. I wanted to work within a more international arena and I felt the need to increase my confidence and expertise in the area of international communication and intercultural understanding.

I met Nick at an intercultural seminar he was running He radiated trust and confidence in the way he ran the seminar and I immediately felt he would be the person to help me.

As a result of Nicks help I went on to master the challenge of running international leadership programs with both European and Japanese participants. My confidence in perceiving intercultural differences and being sensitive to find good solutions has grown enormously.

I have now moved on and I am happy and successfully working as a principal in an international SAP consulting company and I am  conducting international rollouts for Multinational Companies."

Ana Pia Engel


Regio Manager FTTH

Field Service Südwest

Deutsche Telekom Technischer Service GmbH

"I first saw Nick at his talk at the SAP Media Lounge in Heidelberg. At the time I was looking for a new challenge and he animated me to rethink my career and gave me power to take the next step. I started a coaching program with Nick and he helped me to realise that making this step meant prioritising myself. Within a month I had created a complete plan of action. I had re-established and freshened up my network, focused on certification as a project manager and I am presently applying for targeted positions. At the same time I’m continuing to develop my international communication skills. An improvement which I have realised is necessary to work effectively internationally."

Andreas Werner


Andreas Werner

Customer Relationship Manager

GKN Driveline Deutschland

"I met Nick 'the conflict doctor' when he came to our company to do a two day intercultural training. I am the Customer Relationship Manager at GKN Driveline Deutschland GmbH responsible for the two plants in Offenbach/Germany. I have direct contact with customers from all over the world concerning issues of timing; costs; feasibility; capacity and at the initial meetings of new projects.

Nick has given me a lot of valuable practical support in understanding the behavior and the different ways of working with people from different cultures and has taught the best ways to respond via Mail , phone and in meetings face to face to get the results I want. His mixture of theoretical and practical advice allow you to immediately put into practice what you have learnt

E. G.: One week after the training we had a customer visit our site (Indian person from England!).

Thanks to the training this mixture of cultural influences was easy to handle and the visit was a great success."

Marcel Schröder


"I met Nick in 2010 in the first semester of my study at the Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim. He lectured International Communication and advanced conflict management  in my course. 
Up to this point in my career I had never thought about the need to behave and communicate in a different manner when working in international teams.
During my three year training Nick Parry showed me the differences between cultures, sensitized me for the frequent misunderstandings that can occur and taught me ways to become a more successful team member and team leader, both in national and international teams.
Furthermore he taught several essential techniques for solving conflicts and mediating in teams in general. 
The skills that I have learnt with Mr Parry have already helped me in the mandatory internships of my study, especially in communication with international colleagues.

I feel that he has an excellent ability to pass on the essential skills needed to work within international teams."

Geldi Haviari


“Nick coached me on how to turn my hobby (My Dream) into a successful business. He taught me how to deal with the inner conflicts that were holding me back. His ability to understand (cultural) divergences and his clearness in giving solutions to every situation makes him a great MENTOR.

When I met Nick I was a Student and I had a hobby which was creating web solutions myself and friends.

Nick coached me on how to turn my hobby (My Dream) into a successful business. He taught me how to deal with the inner conflicts that were holding me back.

He helped me to greatly develop, in a very short period of time, both professionally and personally, giving me the confidence to develop my own style of doing business.

He is still my coach and mentor and I get new ideas and energy every time we work together.

His ability to understand (cultural) divergences and his clearness in giving solutions to every situation makes him a great MENTOR.

I am now taking my business into new levels I have a partner and an ongoing source of customers and Nick is still there as a solid support helping me to make the right decisions at the right time."