About me

My Drive comes from helping individuals find their core of excellence, improve their communication skills and thereby live a more fulfilling successful life.

True diversity lies in the subtle differences between each individual.

I was born and grew up in inner city London, where I worked as a successful family social worker and emergency life coach. Daily I found myself dealing with highly emotional and difficult situations. I was able to quickly evaluate the situation and gain an unbiased overview of the situation from the different perspectives. I was often able to come up with imaginative solutions which allowed each party to move forward and work together more effectively with a greater level of understanding and respect for each other. I worked with many different cultures, which each had their own idea of what constitutes a family.

Therefore in 1991 I decided I needed to learn more about the different lifestyles and attitudes that exist in the world. I left London travelled through Europe to the Middle East and then onto the Americas. I lived in a Moshav in Israel, with Native American Indians in Tippis and Egyptian Bedouins in the Desert. I studied how they communicate and live together, and helped them to gain more acceptance from the wider community, for example the Kurdish farmer and the Turkish landowner in Turkey, the Palestinian restaurant owner and the orthodox Jew in Jerusalem or the Croatian lawyer and the Serbian artist in Israel.

I returned to Europe in 2001 and brought my understanding of international communication and relationship building  into the cooperate world to empower companies to benefit from diversity and help them with their expansions into new markets and new lands. I founded my company languageunites an intercultural communication centre and  have gone on over the last 13 years to work with top executives helping them complete expansion projects, and gain deadline commitment in worldwide rollouts. I have also trained managers in the Art of effective international management.

I now work as a coach and mentor.  I empower entrepreneurs, leaders and their teams to have a global mindset, to improve their international communication skills and to evolve beyond their individual perspective to become more successful, more productive and in turn to guide others to their success.