IC Enabling Diversity – Intercultural Training

Intercultural, Interpersonal Communication

Intercultural Understanding

  • What is culture?
  • Recognizing and resolving intercultural conflicts
  • When is”no” really a no and “yes” really a yes
  • Gaining an intercultural perspective

Effective International Communication

  • Active listening
  • Small talk
  • Getting the message understood
  • Empathy

Building good relationships

  • Networking
  • Creating Trust
  • Maintaining long term relationships


Studying Target cultures through understanding perspectives of key factors


  • Concept of time – deadlines etc
  • Direct indirect communication
  • Task orientated versus relationship orientated
  • Hierarchy and decision making
  • Concept of change


Building effective bridges between the cultures to maintain excellent communication


Introducing policy and programmes which ensure the company enjoys the benefits of diversity

Tangible Benefits for your company

  • Intra company communication improves dramactically
  • Decrease in the number of meetings needed to clarify, roles, targets and responsibilities
  • Decrease in conflicts and misunderstanding
  • Increase of company loyalty among workforce
  • Lower staff turnover