International Communication

IC training program for virtual communication for companies with international partners and customers

What's that?

IC is a new, versatile model of education that

  • reduces the costs of unwanted conflicts
  • Increases the success rate of international projects
  • Creates ongoing trust with international partners

Target group

Project managers, members of international teams

How does the training work?

Schedule and method:

  • Analysis of the current internal company situation
  • Online questionnaire evaluation
  • International Profiler for each team member  (see note*)
  • Presentation of results and development of an action plan
  • 2 times 3 hours workshop 
  • Evaluation of results and identification of training needs

Why we do it?
International companies benefit from clear and effective communication that gives the experts, free to do their work.

Package contents:

  • Questionnaire
  • Evaluation and presentation of results
  • Taining workshops
  • Final report

Your investment: 2.400,00 €


Your Coach - Nick Parry

Nick is  CEO and founder of RelationshipsandNetworkss, a center that develops international businesspeople via training and coaching. He specializes in helping international project teams operate at a higher level of efficiency. He analyses individual and team needs and assists them in managing conflict. Nick organizes and runs indoor/outdoor team building events and helps companies understand the complexities of doing business across cultures. He also offers individual coaching for executives on becoming more successful, managing conflict and marketing themselves. Nick coordinates and mentors a team of language and intercultural experts. In addition, he works as a consultant at Heidelberg University and Mannheim University where he is responsible for the development and carrying-out of the language and intercultural programs for faculty and back office staff as well as running trainings for master stundents. Born and raised in London, Nick has lived in Germany since 1992.

*note The Intercultural Profiler 
The Intercultural Profiler is designed to help employees adapt to working in a global environment. It is designed to identify common and conflicting individual perspectives and enable people to build bridges across cultural differences that often hinder success in conducting business on an international or global scale.