Intercultural, Interpersonal Communication

Virtual Team Development


  • What are the pitfalls and challenges of virtual teams
  • How to build trust within virtual teams
  • How to lead virtual teams
  • Creating the correct environment for launching virtual teams – Successful kick off meetings
  • Understanding the stages of team development –forming; storming; norming and performing
  • International leadership what style where and when

Target group:

Project managers, members of international teams


  • Styles of international communication
  • Building trust in your team
  • Running successful virtual meetings – techniques that work
  • Motivating distant members and maintaining commitment
  • Managing cultural diversity
  • Managing conflict as a force for positive change


1-2 days depending on participants need and availability



The training is also possible on a virtual basis via weekly Webinars and individual telephone coaching sessions over a three month period
** Price Cost depends on duration



  • Your Coach - Nick Parry


    Nick is co-founder and CEO of languageUnites, a center that develops international businesspeople via training and coaching. He specializes in helping international project teams operate at a higher level of efficiency. He analyses individual and team needs and assists them in managing conflict. Nick organizes and runs indoor/outdoor team building events and helps companies understand the complexities of doing business across cultures. He also offers individual coaching for executives on becoming more successful, managing conflict and marketing themselves. Nick coordinates and mentors a team of language and intercultural experts. In addition, he works as a consultant at Heidelberg University and Mannheim University where he is responsible for the development and carrying-out of the language and intercultural programs for faculty and back office staff as well as running trainings for master stundents. Born and raised in London, Nick has lived in Germany since 1992.