Intercultural, Interpersonal Communication

"A Team Academy"

Why wait to get your team on board


Gain the tools you need to increase the efficiency and productivity of your Project Team





Indentify your team’s cultural strengths and weaknesses

·       Using a cultural profiler (based on Geert hofstede’s cultural dimensions each team member can measure their conflict points with given cultures (Individual sessions follow to discuss results and offer expert advice)

Team development modules



Making conflict work for you

·       Why conflict can show you the changes which need to happen to make your team more successful



Develop the structures within the team which incorporate difference and create synergy

·       Map - Bridge – Integrate



Learn about the pitfalls so you don’t have to make the same mistakes

·       Teams come in three models

Destroyers       Equalizers       &        Creators          Which is yours?




This interactive training program consists of:

  1. 1.     An analysis which discovers team members’ strengths and weaknesses and is followed up by individual feedback and expert coaching.
  2. 2.     Three intensive team development modules, which will allow you and all your team members to realign your strengths improve your communication and increase your efficiency and output so you can raise and still reach your targets. The course is tailor made to fit your needs it consist of three two hour workshops and individual coaching.


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